"Successful interior design 
is achieved through capturing the true reflections of a client's life, experience, vision and style"

D. DePerro Design, Inc. has carved out an exclusive signature and impeccable reputation in the interior design profession. Through knowledge, experience and personal attention the firm offers each client a unique chance to express their individual style.

The firm coordinates all aspects of the interior design formula, from the most preliminary steps to the final stages. These include: architectural developing, construction supervision, layout designing, specification of architectural details, furnishings and project installation. D. DePerro Design, Inc. has been featured in Florida Design Magazine and Luxury Florida Homes Magazine, and honored with numerous Palm Awards.

Whether the project entails new construction or renovation of an existing structure, D. DePerro Design, Inc. has the flexibility to personally dovetail with the client's time frame, budget structure and project scope. We are most known for our custom residential projects, from vacation condominiums to primary homes. Our portfolio encompasses a vast range of style, color and size from 3,500 square feet to exceeding 20,000 square feet. The style ranges from contemporary to traditional including custom furniture designs and architectural details.  From Florida to Las Vegas to New York, there are no limits.

A licensed interior designer, Danielle DePerro's foundation in architectural design was established with a bachelor's degree from the University of Florida. As a leading force in the interior design community for 22 years, Danielle's love of architecture shows in her knowledge of construction and extensive understanding of the elements of design. 
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